“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.” Francis Bacon, artist



Tracey Capes Fine Art has extensive experience in creating an overall vision for your collection. Her company maintains the highest standard of professional and objective recommendations in obtaining art work. Using her vast knowledge and experience each work of art recommended is based on comprehensive research, quality, value, and suitability to a client’s needs.

Building or adding to an existing art collection requires careful planning. Tracey Capes works with you to develop a plan based on your aesthetic objectives and budget considerations.

Tracey Capes offers a variety of services including research to source appropriate works of art, organizing gallery visits, on-site presentations, client representation for purchases and sales, archival framing, professional delivery, and installation services.


Tracey Capes is educated and qualified to prepare personal property appraisals. Her appraisal reports comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) of the Appraisal Foundation, and Appraisal Report Writing Standard, and Code of Ethics, of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA).

Appraisals can be prepared for a variety of reasons: insurance purposes including damage and loss, divorce and property division, estate planning, downsizing, purchasing or resale advice, and charitable donations including cultural property donations.

Certified Cultural Property appraisals can be prepared which meet the requirements of the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board.

Collections Management:

Cataloguing and inventory of collections are customized to meet individual client needs. Tracey Capes Fine Art recommends using the standards for identifying artwork produced by the Getty Institute as a guideline. The process involves a site visit to photograph and document each work in the collection after which the digital images and information collected are compiled into a database.

Keeping an up to date record of your collection is a valuable tool in assessing your assets, and helps prevent against loss, damage, and theft. Condition reports included in the inventory track when art work may require cleaning or repair. Should an art work require restoration Tracey Capes Fine Art can recommend and arrange for the conservation/restoration for your art work with a respected and qualified professional.

Tracey Capes Fine Art provides recommendations for the display of art work which may be susceptible to damage from the elements. She arranges archival framing and professional installation to safely care for your collection. Installation services can include locking hardware.

Commissioned Works:

Implementation of a public competition, or working directly with selected artists to create a work for an independent project or a site specific location. Tracey Capes Fine Art can arrange both large and small scale custom commissions.

Projects are not limited to site-specific installations. Producing editions and securing copyright for projects including hotels and corporate gift programs can be arranged. Commissioned works of art can make a wonderful incentive, achievement award or gift for a conference speaker, dignitary, or other V.I.P.

Fine art enhances our work and living space through its intrinsic and aesthetic value. Carefully selected works can lend a feeling of success and permanence to your corporate image or home environment.


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